Frequently Asked Questions

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CLAP credits, or CLAPs are points you earn throughout the website by playing games, reading articles, watching videos, uploading content and much more! All activities have certain CLAPs attached to them, and all you need to do is explore the website and earn your CLAPs! You can check your CLAPs clearly mentioned on your profile page, and even redeem them for some exciting offer we have in store for you!

You are allowed to redeem your CLAPs only after you have accumulated at least 1,00,000 CLAPs. You may claim their redemption for any of the following activities:

You can earn badges on CLAP 4 Ganga for any appreciation worthy actions you undertake within our various categories! There are 7 categories in total, namely volunteer, credits, showcase, share, referral, profile update and course undertaken. These badges will be clearly indicated on your profile and can be seen by other users as well! You can even invite your friends to a friendly competition and see who can earn the most badges in the least amount of time!

CLAP 4 Ganga is an interactive portal that has been created to sensitise and ignite the youth of today. Additionally, it can also be utilised by parents, teachers, schools and educational institutions to not just facilitate the young people in their lives, but also to gain knowledge of their own. We believe that our rivers and our environment deserve our full attention, and we should collectively take the custodianship of our surroundings. Therefore, anyone and everyone can join in and CLAP 4 Ganga!

CLAP 4 Ganga is working towards creating many avenues for its users to not just learn from the portal, but also utilise it as a space to express their views, find volunteer positions and internships, and connect with the stakeholders who are currently working towards the betterment of rivers and the environment in India, and across the world!

CLAP 4 Ganga is a unique platform where one can create internships and volunteering opportunities for those looking to contribute towards the environment. CLAP can be used by anyone – organisations, governments, schools, communities and even individuals to create volunteering opportunities for students, young people or anyone who is interested in volunteering! Just head to the Contribute section, click on the Volunteer element, select ‘Request for Volunteers’ option and fill the form to make your opportunity live on the portal!

In order to enroll as a volunteer on CLAP 4 Ganga, you can register yourself with some very simple steps! Within the Contribute section, click on the Volunteer element, select ‘Enroll as a Volunteers’ option and fill the form to make yourself visible as a volunteer on the portal! You can also choose which ‘Opportunities of Interest’ suit you best from the drop down menu available on the form, and agree to receive notifications of volunteering opportunities available in your area via email/SMS.

Volunteer code is given to a participant when they enroll as volunteer in the contribute section. This code is individual specific, and is used to mark attendance for all the volunteering events.

The volunteer certificate can be downloaded from the Contribute section itself 24 hrs after attending the event. It shall only be available once your attendence is verified by the organisers. Click on contribute - volunteer- download certificate.

To mark the attendance, go to dashboard - volunteer data - mark attendance - attendance - enter volunteer code - submit.

The share more section of CLAP 4 Ganga offers a simple way for you to upload your own Blog to the portal. Just click on the top right button ‘Create your Blog’ of the ‘Express Yourself’ element in the Share More section. Just fill in the form with all the details and your blog will be submitted for approval. Once the admin approves your blog, it will be published for all to see!

The showcase section is available to any CLAP user who has made an effort to work towards the betterment of the environment. This section is for National and International case studies and best practices that can inspire others to do their part for the planet.

In order to showcase your efforts on CLAP 4 Ganga, head over to the Dashboard section of your profile. The panel on the left has the option for you to ‘Apply for Showcase’. Just fill up the form with the details of your effort, and click submit! All entries that get approved appear on the ‘Showcase’ section of the portal!