Clap Credit

What is CLAP for Ganga?

CLAP credits, or CLAPs are points you earn throughout the website by playing games, reading articles, watching videos, uploading content and much more! All activities have certain CLAPs attached to them, and all you need to do is explore the website and earn your CLAPs! You can check your CLAPs clearly mentioned on your profile page, and even redeem them for some exciting offer we have in store for you!

Tab Activity   Credits Remarks

Sign up

Initial Sign up   300  
Referral   100 50 to the one who shares (If your friend joins)
Referred friend     50 to the one who joins

Profile updation

Personal Details



Contact No.  

School Details



Photograph Photograph 100  

For all the content

Like   20  
Share (email/social media)  


for every unique share you get 20 points

Time bound share (48 hrs of content posting)
Get a chance to get featured by tagging our content with at least (1000 likes)
Comment   10  
Add to favourite   10  
    First action credits Repeat action credits  

Play More

Onscreen games 40 10 (2nd to 4th attempts) 5 points for all other attempts
Custom Games (competitions) 50 25 (2nd to 4th attempts) 5 points for all other attempts
Downloadable Games 40 NA  

Know More

Reading Research Articles 50    
Reading Curated Articles 100    


Custom content 100 25 To watch the complete video only
3rd party content 40 NA  

Share more

Blogs (creation) 250   Only if the blog is approved
Discussion forum Initiate (150) (on approval) 10 credits to post/comment per day only 5 comments shall earn credits
Polls 40 150 credits to create a poll/survey  
Survey 40    
Do More 100 to watch the complete video only 80 for challenging a friend 100 points for posting a pic  


Do more activities 200    
Institutional effort (pics/video/doc/ppt) 250    
Special Contributors 250    
Self-showcase (by individual/institution) 250    


Content 200 (On approval of the content)  
Donate 50 points to be credited once a month  
Referral (motivate your friend) 150 to the one who shares If a friend joins  
Referred 50 to the one who joins    
Volunteer Interested 20 Going 40 After verification of attendance 250