Pollution and it's types

AARAV JAWA on 28 May, 2022

Our world is getting polluted day by day, and it is neccisary for us to change this, or else in the upcoming years Earth will be no better then a trash bag. Mainly, there are four types of pollution- Noise, Air, Water and Land/soil pollution. All of them are the main reason Earth is getting polluted.

Noise pollution includes the honking of cars, Sirens, loudspeakers, ringing of bells, party music etc. All these combined create a lot of noise and disturbance for everyone, especially for sound sensitive people. Noise pollution scares animals as well, like bursting a firecracker will scare a nearby dog or cat.

Air pollution includes the gas released by cars, smoke created by factories, firecrackers etc. Air pollution contaminates the air with bacteria and viruses which can cause harm to person if the find their way in someone's body. Animals get effected by this as well, just like humans.

Water pollution includes throwing trash in ponds or dumping it in seas and oceans. This affects both land and marine life. The trash in ocean is also eaten by fish and other creatures, who sadly get choked and die, and when these fish are caught, cooked and served to, we ingest the plastic or other garbage eaten by the fish and can fall ill.

Last, but not least is Land or soil pollution will includ littering the streets, dumping trash on beaches and farms.Land pollution is probably the worst as the garbage dumped on land is slowly taking up more and more space, which could be used to build homes or animal shelters. Its very hard to live near these areas because they will give out a horrible smell and someone might fall sick because of the germs.Sometimes, the garbage thrown out is eaten by cows or other animals, assuming that it is food.