Ideas of waste to wealth

Kaushik on 25 May, 2022

Only 30% of people in India recycle. It is  right of passage for the Country to wake up and take management of waste seriously. Since if that matter is neglected any longer . we will have a landfills the size of a metropolis to bury all of the rubbish by 2030. Composting is the process of turning organic matter into fertilizer. This approach improves the soil’s richness . As a result , it is the environmentally beneficial transformation of waste disposal. Non-biodegradable garbage is converted into forms of energy such as fuel, heat or power in this in this waste management technique . All of them are renewable energy because non-biodegradable waste can be used to generate electrically. Trash bags and tiffin covers are made from and envelops. Newspapers can be untallied as unique present wraps. And recycled pages are still used for invitations wraps , and other similar tasks. Plastic containers or old bottle tops can be used to manufacture lamps, ice-cream stares can be used to design a card or make colorful structures. In an artistic fashion plastic bottles could be used to build swinging light, buckets, or flower stands at home. But plastic should be prohibited. Biodegradable plastics, such as polylactic acid, are being are used to replace them. If we do nothing today, our children will not have a secure environment future. Let us make the best of what we have by making the most of what we have.