About Badges

What is CLAP for Ganga?

The Continuous Learning & Activity Portal (CLAP) is an initiative by Namami Gange and created and executed by TREE Craze Foundation. This is an interactive portal that is working towards initiating conversations and action around the rivers in India, the environment, individual action and so on. The Portal also can be used to facilitate debates and discussions, allowing for expression of ideas about these issues. Furthermore, CLAP acts as a platform through which people can learn about conservation efforts happening around them and ways to volunteer or contribute to the same. Thus, CLAP is not just for the kids, not just for the young, but for everyone who love rivers and want to work to save them!

Moreover, “CLAPGanga.com is not just FOR you but BY you”. We therefore invite you to contribute in building this portal by creating and sharing your content, sharing your suggestions for anything you feel we should talk about, and sharing the content with your friends and family so that we can connect more and more people to the cause.

What is CLAP for Ganga bringing to you?


Learning can be both fun and interesting, and CLAP for Ganga brings this to you in the form of interactive activities and games that will diffuse knowledge with enjoyment and you will learn even as you play!


CLAP for Ganga has been designed in such a way that each of the activities here will leave you with some food for thought. As global citizens, it is our collective responsibility to become the custodians of our environment and become accountable for our rivers. CLAP offers you the chance to debate and discuss your opinions with your peers and innovate new ways of saving our environment.

Responsible Behaviour!

It is important that our learnings result in positive action for the environment. Something as simple as a subconscious change in our attitudes, or even the development of a sense of responsibility towards the environment is something that CLAP for Ganga works towards.


CLAP for Ganga is also a platform for various conservation efforts, information about NGOs, internships and volunteering opportunities for those looking to contribute for the environment. CLAP is therefore, a platform to connect various stakeholders – organisations, governments, students and young children alike!


This badge will be awarded for any volunteer activity you undertake. There are two ways to participate as a volunteer:
1. Contribute to clean-up drives, planting trees, writing content for CLAP, and other opportunities that rise on the portal as volunteers.
2. Organize events for volunteer participation for other users.

1 opportunity participated/created = 1 Point

Ganga Warriors (Drop)

5 Point

Ganga Warriors (Pond)

25 Point

Ganga Warriors (Stream)

50 Point

Ganga Warriors (River)

100 Point

Ganga Warriors (Sea)






You can earn CLAP credits based on activities such as referring friends, playing games and quizzes, reading articles, blogs, providing opinions and feedback and many more fun activities that we have in store for you!

50,000 CLAPS

Ganga Enthusiast (Drop)

1,50,000 CLAPS

Ganga Enthusiast (Pond)

2,50,000 CLAPS

Ganga Enthusiast (Stream)

2,50,000 CLAPS

Ganga Enthusiast (River)

5,00,000 CLAPS

Ganga Enthusiast (Sea)






This badge will be awarded to those who demonstrate their commitment to environmental conservation. 

1 attempt

Ganga Legends (Drop)

5 attempts

Ganga Legends (Pond)

25 attempts

Ganga Legends (Stream)

50 attempts

Ganga Legends (River)

100 attempts

Ganga Legends (Sea)






You can earn this badge by sharing experiences and ideas with other members on our discussion forums and blogs.

20 blogs/forums created

Ganga Champs (Drop)

50 created

Ganga Champs (Pond)

100 created

Ganga Champs (Stream)

250 created

Ganga Champs (River)

500 created

Ganga Champs (Sea)






You can refer your friends to CLAP and once they join, you get CLAP credits! Multiple referrals will lead to badges as shown here!

20 referrals joined

Ganga crusaders (Drop)

50 referrals joined

Ganga crusaders (Pond)

100 referrals joined

Ganga crusaders (Stream)

250 referrals joined

Ganga crusaders (River)

500 referrals joined

Ganga crusaders (Sea)





Profile Update

Update your profile to earn badges of this category!


Ganga Comrade (Drop)

Personal or School details

Ganga Comrade (Pond)

Personal as well as School Details

Ganga Comrade (Stream)

Personal Details+ School Details + Photograph

Ganga Comrade (River)

Mobile and Email both Verified

Ganga Comrade (Sea)





Course undertaken

If you undertake and complete our upcoming "River Champs" course, you can earn this badge as a feather in your cap!


Ganga Explorers (Drops)


Ganga Explorers (Stream)