About Ganga Quest

Ganga Quest is a bilingual international quiz competition designed with an aim to sensitize people about the national River Ganga, its significance, its cultural and historical values, its diversity and its ecosystem. The objective is not just building knowledge among participants, but also to connect them emotionally by sensitizing about rivers’ present condition and its past reverence.

Salient Features:

1Evolving format and structure

2Bilingual - available in English and Hindi language

3Open to International participants

4Group registration is available for schools, colleges and universities

5Individual Registration available for students/parents/teachers/senior citizens

6Increased transparency in selection of winners by introduction of Live Quiz component


22nd March 2022
World Water Day

Registration Announcement

7th April 2022
World Health Day

Launch of Quiz

22nd May 2022
International Day of Biological Diversity

Completion of Quiz

5th June 2022
World Environment Day

Live Quiz & Announcement of Winners

Structure and Rules

English      हिन्दी
Round 1

Questions to Build Knowledge

  • 10 questions
  • Helps gather knowledge on River Ganga
  • 8 out of 10 questions to be correctly answered
  • Timer of 45 seconds for each question
  • Can be attempted any number of times
  • Number of attempts and accuracy of 1st attempt – criteria of selection in case of a tie.
Round 2

Questions to Assess Knowledge

  • Final round (10 questions)
  • Most important round for announcing winners
  • 1 theme to be selected out of 4
  • Accuracy & Time taken – criteria of selecting participants for the live quiz
  • Can be attempted only once
  • Opening another tab or window while attempting the quiz shall automatically log out the participant
Round 3(Survey)

Questions to assess Attitude Orientation

  • It is a short survey
  • Captures perception / attitude orientation (your honest opinion)
  • All questions need to be answered

Key Instructions

English      हिन्दी

1 Anyone of age 10 years or above is eligible to participate in Ganga Quest.

2 Ganga Quest 2022 is a global quiz and therefore open to everyone irrespective of their nationality.

3 Before you start attempting this round, please make sure you are sitting at a comfortable and quiet place with a computer, mobile or laptop connected to a charger

4 In case you are using a laptop/mobile, make sure it is charged.

5 Ensure good network connectivity with a minimum speed of 512 Kbps to avoid technical issues while appearing for the quiz.

6 Keep a valid ID near you while attempting the quiz as details will be asked between rounds such as students admission no. or school id for school students or any other valid id which can be verified if you are declared as a winner.

7 Valid ID includes school id, school admission number, passport, Aadhar card, birth certificate, any other.

8 If any of the personal details entered are found incorrect, then they may get disqualified as the verification process will not be complete.

9 Name of winners will be published on TREE Craze Foundation,CLAP4Ganga and NMCG’s website after verification of details.

10 In case of entering any incorrect detail and multiple registrations, the participant runs into the risk of disqualification and hence should be avoided.

11 Only one prize can be claimed per individual. In case of the same person winning more than one prizes, he would be awarded with the prize with higher value.

12 Keeping in mind the current COVID scenario, a virtual prize distribution ceremony shall be organised. No travel allowance shall be reimbursed for claiming the prizes.

13 At any point, if you face any issues, then please send the feedback through the feedback form on the portal or send us an email at info@gangaquest.com


1st prize in all 3 categories


2nd prize in all 3 categories

Tablet or Kindle

3rd prize in all 3 categories

Tablet or Kindle


1000000 +
School children
50000 +
130 +

Ganga Quest 2021 showed tremendous growth as a truly international quiz with around 113 countries participating in the quiz which shows on the mass appeal for river Ganga not only within the country but also around the world.Even after the worst CoVID cases spike and uncertainties associated due to lockdown, Ganga Quest 2021 could achieve the same participation as Ganga Quest 2020 due to rigorous outreach and partnership with various organizations. This increasing popularity which is not only limited within the country is a great motivation for the organizers and participants alike.